1 05 2009

Three letters: I-S-M. Ism. Yale educated frontman, Andre Mistier, is making a point with the name of his band. He wants you to think about the profound impact “ism” has on our chaotic planet. Racism, terrorism, extremism, fundamentalism… “ism” is the suffix added by those staking out their ideological turf. Ah, now you get it. New York’s Ism is about the big picture, and an unflinching gaze at some not-so-pretty pictures of our modern world.

Their latest, “Urgency,” was helmed by Joe Blaney, who’s worked with Prince, and The Clash, among others. Blaney helped the band give their music a bigness to match the swath of subject matter they tackle.

“Sacred Cows”


“Give It Back”




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