Keaton Simons

1 05 2009

There are singer/songwriters… There are people in bands… And then there are musicians. Keaton Simons is a musician. He’s those other things too.

By age 12 Simons was playing guitar. As he grew older, the obsession took hold. While earning his degree in Ethnomusicology at Evergreen State College in Washington State he would often practice six to eight hours a day.

After college Simons knocked around in some bands and through a friend met the rap group The Pharcyde. Simons ended up serving as musical director and touring with the band. That gig led to others with Black Eyed Peas and Snoop Dogg.

All this success was great, but Keaton was itching to do his own thing. A deal with Maverick went south when Maverick went south. Undaunted he pushed on playing shows and contributing music to film and tv. Simons is now signed to CBS and has spent all of 2008 touring behind his debut for the label “Can You Hear Me.”

“Without Your Skin”

Keaton Simons closes out the session with his tune “Mama Song” , which incorporates throat singing.




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